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Listen Body’s Sign

The follow warning signs from your body is to alert you that you need to detox now:  sugar graving, skin heat, or break out, bad breath, low or inconsistency energy, frequently cold, bloating or gas, constipation, feel urge to urinate more often, caffeine addiction, food craving and drinking, mood swings / irritability and anxiety, brain fog or difficulty concentrating, fluid retention, joint pain and migraine or headache.

It may be a time to detox your body naturally, using essential oils, herbal extracts and super foods. Treat your body to the ultimate reset, flush the toxin with treatment  

Relax, wind down and recharge the body with positive energY. our professional trainer combines the powers of there qualifications: Nutrition, Chef, Herbology,  Sports science(personal trainer) postural analysis, yoga, meditation.To give you a life changing experience , that starts here. Teaching you sustainability so you can take it  that back home and continue with your new life


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Package Details

  • Energy Detox drink (morning wake up)
  • 6: 30am Power yoga session 90min. 
  • Wellness breakfast
  • Detox smoothies drink afternoon
  • 20min Detoxifying steam
  • Wellness spice dinner
  • 45min Abdominal flush out toxin relief pressure point
  • 60min Aromatic Detoxifying Oil with Deep Tissue Massage  
  • 60min Hydrating face glow
  • 15min Cleansing Bath
  • Energy Detox drink before to bed

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