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Alignment Therapy

With advanced physical restoration techniques, we aimed to fix the mechanical failure that causes you to experience pain. Whether it is joint pain, excessive muscle tension, muscle strain & pain, decreased or inefficient mobility, headaches, or any other symptom, we analyze and treat the body based on why the dysfunction is caused.

$ 150+

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Package Details

  •  Energetic Detoxifying drink
  • 90min Restorative yoga, Asana direct link to the spinal column
  • 20min Relaxation in the Steam/Sauna/Hot & Cold Jacuzzi with Energetic Detox drink
  • 90min Therapeutic myofascial Release with Herbal linen infusion
  • 60min Warm Stone Relaxing Massage
  • Rejuvenating smoothies drink.
  • 15mn Anti Stress Salt Bath (before bedtime)
  • Energetic Detoxifying drink (bedtime)

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